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Marro Law P.A. provides comprehensive title services and representation for real estate transactions in South Florida, serving both individual and corporate, buyers and sellers, of single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, multi-unit, and commercial properties in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Our firm provides an affordable full-service real estate practice that covers purchase agreements, bespoke drafting, title and escrow services, closings, and legal representation in transactions as well as disputes.

Our attorneys conduct thorough title reviews to assure clear title and are able to issue a title insurance policy on property to further insulate purchasers from claims or conflicts. Marro Law P.A.’s attorneys are authorized agents for Attorney’s Title Fund Services, LLC, the largest title underwriter in Florida, and underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. Founded in 1907, Old Republic is one of the most reputable title insurers in the country.


Often, we are asked by potential clients why they should use a real estate attorney instead of a title company. A lot of potential clients don’t realize that a Florida title company doesn’t have to be owned or operated by an attorney, rather only a Florida licensed title insurance agent required to take a week-long course for the educational component of their licensure. Unlike Florida, many states require both the buyer and seller to have real estate attorneys represent them in the transaction. Note that in Florida a non-attorney title company is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. This paradigm creates a potentially hazardous situation. Should legal questions or transactional issues arise prior to closing, a non-attorney title company cannot lawfully assist the affected party. Moreover, the affected party still has to pay a real estate attorney to assist with the resolution, or worse, may never be informed that an issue exists with the transaction. Buyers and sellers who have a real estate attorney present from the very beginning of a transaction understand that doing so potentially translates into time and money saved, as well as the peace of mind that their best interests are being looked after.

Our Firm typically charges about the same closing fees as those charged by title companies. Moreover, the owner’s policy title insurance premium rate is set by Florida law, and therefore must be the same amount charged by any entity issuing the policy. When unique or extraordinary facts and circumstances arise in connection with a transaction that our Firm is already providing title and closing services for, our Firm may charge an attorney fee. However, the attorney fee is charged at a bundled or reduced rate due to the fact that we are already handling the title and closing aspects of the transaction.